Hotel Industry

CCTV cameras play a very important role for Hotel industry. We install a complete IP surveillance system for overall hotel security. Solution provide 24 hour protection with industry-leading low-light technology, automated vehicle access control. This provides safety for guests and staff. Also it decreases CCTV intrusiveness. It has improved vehicle access management and customer experience. It gives you a reliable footage for the post investment if any problem occurs.

Parking Security

These days we have parking slots available in crowded areas like theatres, malls, commercial locations and all public places. When you park your vehicles it is like a great risk there. When CCTV cameras are installed at such crowded locations, the people parking their vehicles are tension free. We provide apt CCTV camera solutions at such locations that give high quality footage and video clips that act as the key proofs in case of any mishap.

Bank Security

Banks have daily transactions with flow of money in and out. There are so many counters that deal with deposit and withdraw of money. To have a security at such counters and also at overall bank is must in order to safeguard the money and other valuable belonging of the customers. The CCTV cameras provided at such location provide round a clock security that can be monitored even after working hours. This can help secure employees and even the customers.

Shopping Malls

We have huge shopping malls coming up in and around the city. It requires to impose a high level security in the mall as well as in the parking slots of the malls. There are so many items kept open for sale and in order to ensure the fare sell of the items, CCTV cameras are of great importance. Even the minute activities of the customer can be very well identified in the CCTC camera footage.


Hospitals require the CCTV cameras for the safety of the patients. CCTV cameras are installed in order to keep check on the visitors visiting the patients. Employees can be monitored for their work during and after working hours. The night duties can be closely monitored by the owner even when he is not present in the hospital. Also, at the billing desk, CCTV cameras play a great role in safe transactions by safeguarding the customer’s money.